Topics of Danny and Tom's talks have included:

Philosophy Through Cartoons: Danny and Tom’s latest, I Think, Therefore I Draw (October 30, 2018) illustrates philosophical ideas through cartoons from the New Yorker, Punch, and other witty sources. Kirkus Reviews calls it “entertaining and slyly illuminating” and “a cheerful, irreverent look at perennial philosophical questions—e.g., the meaning of life, morality and ethics, theories of knowledge, determinism and free will… [T]hey do succeed in making philosophy accessible and fun.”

Philosophy and Jokes
: In their New York Times best-selling Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar, Klein and Cathcart did the unthinkable. They took serious philosophical concepts that had put all but a few stalwart college students to sleep for centuries and made them, well, more fun than a barrel of monkeys. All right, a quart of monkeys. Professors even started using the text in their classes to explain difficult ideas in ways that made everyone sit up in class and laugh out loud. Now, the authors have taken the show on the road. Whether you have read the book or not, they will entertain you with jokes from ancient Greece to the Borscht Belt and beyond, all the time explaining complex philosophical ideas.

Philosophy and Death
: If the two inevitables in life are death and taxes, count on Cathcart and Klein to find death funnier! And, of course, there is far more material to mine in philosophy about death than taxes! In their presentation on Philosophy and Death (with jokes, of course!), the Philosophy Guys consider millennia of theories on how to live meaningfully and die without regret. Klein’s book, Every Time I Learn the Meaning of Life, They Change It, provides some of the underpinning for the discussion of what is on everyone’s mind after a certain point in life. But did you ever think you’d find it so funny?
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